Bee Removal

As a pest control, we have a unique appreciation for the insects and animals we deal with. Bees have a special place in our heart. Where possible we try our best to relocate the bees to a new hive. This is not always possible, but where we are able to, we try to move the hive into a new hive box and relocate them to an area where they are able to live with out the threat of humans.

Interesting facts about bees:
  • With out bees’ life on earth could not continue they a crucial to the eco system.
  • One bee makes a teaspoon of honey during its whole life.
  • Bees are friendly creatures and left alone tend to do their own thing
  • When a bee stings it does so as a last resort and dies shortly after
  • A Queen Bee will lay 800,000 eggs in her lifetime
  • A Bee’s diet consists of honey and pollen
  • Bees communicate by dancing
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