Mattress cleaning

We spend on average 8 hours a day laying on your mattress.  You wash before you get into bed. However, the body continuingly removes toxins and oils from itself through our skin. These oils and toxins are absorbed into your mattress. Not to mention all the other potential contaminants that are found on your mattress.

In time we do not notice the texture change on the surface or the start of the subtle body scent that may emerge. Because you lay on it for 8 hour of your day this may even affect your sleep. You may have a mattress cover, but these only stop a percentage of contaminants getting through.

Having your mattress sanitized means we are able to break down the oils, and contaminants found in your mattress and remove them through our steam cleaning process. Our customers are always amazed at what comes out of their mattresses even when they still seem to be clean. The contaminants are absorbed and hide under the surface of your mattress, so you do not even know that they are there until you see what comes out.

We remove blood, oils, sweat, urine, food, and the odd coffee spill leaving your mattress smelling, looking, and feeling great again!

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