Stain Treatment
Clean Carpets and Pest Control cannot guarantee that all stains will be removed upon cleaning. Stains derived from caustics, acids and permanent dyes may be permanent stains that cannot be removed. Further, Clean Carpets and Pest Control Perth cannot be responsible for any pre-existing condition that is not apparent upon visual inspection.

These conditions may include but are not limited to:

  • Fugitive dyes not properly set-in manufacture or re-dyeing
  • Lounge suites that have water or solvent soluble coloured backing material.
  • Carpet that has been over-stretched during laying or suffers from de-lamination.
  • Carpet that has suffered sun-damage, making it fragile or affecting dye colour
  • The use of high alkaline cleaning solutions or other products that may un-set dyes in the fibres of the carpet or upholstery
  • Markers used on carpet, fabric backing or padding.

Definition and procedures for Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the work we have performed in your home or office, please contact us within 3 days of the clean, and we will rectify the problem at no additional charge.

Clean Carpets and Pest Control Perth will only warrant claims with respect to the workmanship of the services provided if the claim is reported within 3 days of completion of the work. In the event of a customer complaint or unsatisfaction the customer undertakes to give Clean Carpets and Pest Control Perth the opportunity to rectify all work.

Addition Call out fees may apply.

If the customer still requires a refund they are to state and post a written letter within 24 hours of the rectified service. The letter must include the following:

  • Name of client, address, and date of when the work was done.
  • Why there was a general unhappiness of the job done?
  • What areas were affected by the work. Any areas not included will not be subject to a refund.
  • For every area mentioned state the reason for not being satisfied in detail. We need to know what the situation was like previous to work being done, what the result was for each area, and why you’re not satisfied.
  • Please provide at least one photo for every area that has was affected.

An independent carpet cleaning company/association/ inspector will be brought in to do a final assessment on the situation. If the result is that the reason for the dissatisfaction was not as a direct result from the action of Clean Carpets and Pest Control Perth no refund of any kind will be offered.

Any negative reviews posted in reference to Clean Carpets and Pest Control Perth will negate any refund or rectification of situation.

Any negative reviews posted after refund will mean you will be subject to returning the refund and are liable for any legal fees, work lost, or any financial loss incurred by your actions.

Premises and Furniture

  • We do not move furniture, please make sure you clear all areas that need to be worked on.
  • Parking over 30 meters of the Job premises needs to be brought to the attention of Clean Carpets and Pest Control Perth before we arrive.


Carpet Cleaning

Prices are subject to a maximum room size of 13 square metres. Stairs are quoted per step. Prices are subject to the condition of the carpet. Difficult stains may incur an additional charge.

Special Offers not available in all areas.


Price is per seating position and subject to the condition of the upholstery. Maximum width of a seating position is 80cm. A seating position wider than 80cm will incur an additional charge. Additional charges may apply for recliners, ottomans and chaises. Leather upholstery is subject to additional charges.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Clean Carpets and Pest Control Perth cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen adverse conditions relating to the cleaning of the tiles & grout. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Loose, scratched or chipped tiles
  • Loose, cracked or missing grout
  • UV fading or damage
  • Stainage of the tiles & grout

Fabric Protection

The customer agrees that they have been informed that there are various types of fabric protection and the type used by Clean Carpets and Pest Control Perth could best be described as a stain release.

This means that on each type of carpet or fabric its reaction is slightly different. Our product is not designed so that water beads up on the carpet, rather the stain that is caused by any spillage is released from the carpet.

Should the spillage or stain be a caustic, acid or dye, then this could impair the effectiveness of the product and the results cannot be guaranteed. Any guarantee on the application of the product is limited to attempting to remove the stain and re-applying the product to the affected area.



  • Clean Carpets and Pest Control Perth is ABN registered.
  • Minimum Charge of $89
  • Quotes offered over the phone are subject to change on inspection.
  • We do not move furniture as a rule of thumb, please make sure you clear all areas that need to be worked on.
  • All quotes and invoice exclude GST as a small business we fall under the GST threshold.
  • Payment is by cash or Mastercard or Visa at completion of job.
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning, Encapsulation Cleaning or Carpet Steam Cleaning are the same price.
  • Prices for a room are to a maximum of 15m2.
  • A small hallway is to a maximum of 7m2.
  • Combined Lounge dining area is considered as 2 rooms.
  • Industrial cleaning is for extremely soiled or trashed carpets. If our technician considers your carpet to be in this category, he will inform you before work commences. The job will need to be re quoted if necessary. Industrial Clean is charged by the m2

Cancellation Fees and Surcharges

Clean Carpets and Pest Control Perth reserves the right to charge customers a cancellation fee (minimum of $120 ) if adequate notice is not given for the cancellation of the booking.

Carpet Dying

Limitation of Agreement & Extent of Liability to Carpet and Home:  Carpet dying is an equal or joint responsibility and risk of customer and Clean Carpets and Pest Control Perth.  Customer shall give full Cooperation to Clean Carpets Perth.  Dyer shall make best effort in his performance but shall not be expected to exceed safe and normal methods or procedures in his work performance.  Dye colour in sample is not necessarily representative of the finished colour and result but every effort will be extended to match both dye colours to customer’s satisfaction.  Customer agrees to pay Clean Carpets and pest Control Perth (in full) for services rendered, as soon as job is complete.  Customer also agrees to pay for all service charges and legal fees/cost if Clean Carpets and Pest Control Perth has to resort to legal action to settle any disputes and/or disagreements between customer and Clean Carpets and Pest Control
Perth.  Dyer/Clean Carpets and Pest Control Perth shall not be liable for any damage to carpet, upholstery, home or personal property of Customer to exceed refund.  Damages shall only extend to carpet and upholstery listed in this agreement and not to any other areas in the residence or business.  Colour Penetration is not guaranteed to full depth of backing in thick plush carpeting or when dyers feel that excessive wetting of the carpet with subsequent backing damage.  Customer agrees to following drying instructions as given to him by the dyeing company.